VSSDK Assist (Dec.) - Chicken-egg problem with custom projects

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Dec 3, 2007 at 12:41 PM
Let's assume I have created a VS Shell Isolated Mode solution (which necessarily is a C++ solution). At this time I don't have any access to the VSSDK Assist menus and the Guidance Navigator window displays only 3 items:

- Add Visual Studio Package (CSharp)
- Add Visual Studio Package (VBasic)
- Add Visual Studio Package Setup

Now, I want to add a Custom Project VSPackage. None of the above is what I need. Since I don't have access to the VSSDK Assist menus for the moment, I cannot invoke VSSDK Assist | Create | Custom project | Create Custom Project. I can only invoke this command by right-clicking a... VSPackage project and I don't have one handy for the moment in this solution.

Then I tried to create a dummy VSPackage project in the solution, and invoke the Create Custom project command from there. But this doesn't work because the Custom project project is added to the dummy project, not to the solution.

I have also tried to use the Execute button in the Guidance Package Manager but this doesn't work either. I can't execute Create Custom Project if the target is a VS Shell Isolated Mode solution (maybe because it's originally a C++ solution?).

So what I really need is to have access to VSSDK Assist | Create | Custom project | Create Custom Project from the Solution context menu. Maybe this menu should be there and I do have an installation problem? Don't know. So I can't use the Custom Project feature for the moment.


Dec 3, 2007 at 2:22 PM

The Create custom project recipe works only in a VS Package project, because appart from adding classes and the CustomProject base project, it updates the packages class with the ProvideFactory attribute among other things.
If I understood correclty your scenario, you have an existing VS Shell solution (with two c++ projects) and you want to create a custom project.
For that you need to:
Enable VSSDK Assist (from Tools\GuidancePackage manager)
Add a new VS Package project (with VSSDK Assist or the VS SDK) (Again you NEED a Vs Package project for this recipe to run)
Compile that project
Execute the Create Custom Project Recipe

Let me know,
Dec 3, 2007 at 2:41 PM

OK. Thanks. I have misunderstood the whole process.

Let's try again...