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This is the home of VSSDK Assist. A visual toolset of utilities for extending Visual Studio.


Releases March 2008 CTP release
December 2007 CTP release
October 2007 CTP release
May 2007 CTP release
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How to install it?
How to use it?

VSSDK Assist on the news

Code Magazine published a new "Focus" edition around VSX. One of the article is "Learning the Visual Studio SDK with VSSDK Assist”

Status update:

The March 2008 CTP is OUT!!!

  • GAX February 2008 support
  • Bug fixes

March 2008 CTP version pre-requisites


The purpose of this project is to provide tools and guidance to extend Visual Studio.

Target audience

  • VSX developers
  • Visual Studio enthusiasts

Features overview

  • Create:
    • VS Package solution
    • VS Package project
      • CSharp
      • VBasic
    • VS Package Setup project (wix based)
    • VS Services
    • VS Tool Windows
    • VS Commands
    • VS Custom projects
      • Bitmap Strip
    • VS Flavor projects
    • VS Tool Options Pages
    • VS Custom Tools
    • VS Events subscription
    • VS Extenders
      • Solution extenders
      • Project extenders
  • Configure:
    • VS Package
    • VS about/splash screens
  • Deploy:
    • Configure VS Package Load Key
    • Create VS Package Deployment Information
  • Test:
    • Create VS Package Load Key Report
    • Test VS Package Load Key
    • Test VS Splash Screen
  • Utility:
    • Register VS Packages
    • Unregister VS Packages
    • Refresh VS Package Registration Information
    • Launch VS on Experimental Hive
    • VS Package browser


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